Welcome to a New Standard of Care

  • NDH Care Ltd emphasises the key objectives of the Government’s ‘Valuing People White Paper’ and ‘Valuing People Now’
  • We recognise that everyone is different and unique, we tailor our services to meet individual needs and ensure that people with learning disabilities and complex needs:
    1. Have the same legal and civil rights as everyone else
    2. Are included in all aspects of their local community
    3. Have real choice and control over their daily lives
    4. Have real chances to achieve greater independence wherever possible
    5. Enjoy health, well-being and opportunities for fulfilment

  • Communication passports

    At NDH Care Ltd We believe that everyone has the potential to make decisions about their lives, regardless of a service user’s ability to communicate verbally, we support service users in developing communication needs, reflecting their needs and preferences.

  • Staff

    All our employees working with people learning disabilities are trained in Person Centred Planning, using communication techniques such as British Sign Language (BSL), Makaton and Picture Exchange Communication Systems (widget).

  • Sensory Impairment

    We understand the challenges that come with loss of senses: from mobility and communication issues, to feelings of isolation and frustration. We support our service users in carrying out their daily routines, or in doing specific tasks that may be particularly challenging for them. We know from experience that the quality of our care and the sensitivity of our care & support workers can have a positive impact on our service users, but also on the lives of their family and friends.

    Our trained staff will work closely with you to provide you with the assistance and support you need to remain as independent as possible.

    We seek your views and listen to your individual needs

    We take your wishes and preferences into account when planning your care

    We ensure our care workers are aware of any individual requirements

We understand there is no place like home

NDH Care Ltd support older people to retain or regain their skills and independence as far as possible, whilst enjoying wellbeing and a good quality of life.

We have the experience and understanding to provide care and support to older adults with mental health needs and/or learning disabilities, including individuals with memory loss and age related physical needs, such as mobility issues.

We promote choice, dignity, respect, privacy and security. We offer stimulating events and outings to make individuals life happier and more rewarding. Staff support individuals from shopping or attend a social event, carnivals or religious festivals and we can support you during these outdoor activities.

Staff and person centred planning

Staff have experience of providing person centred care, including meeting personal care needs, dietary needs, Care and support is provided in a very sensitive way to assist people with areas they find difficult due to memory impairment or physical need. Staff make sure when delivering support that they do not de-skill individuals or create dependence, but work in an enabling way. Emotional and psychological support is also very important and we seek warm, patient staff with empathy and good communication skills. We train staff in active listening and emotional intelligence in order to promote psychological well being and self esteem.

When a person with dementia finds their mental abilities are declining, they often feel vulnerable and in need of reassurance and support. All of our staff members understand a person with dementia is a unique and valuable human being, despite their illness. Each person needs to feel respected and valued for who they are now, as well as for who they were in the past. We will look at ways - in partnership with loved ones or others if requested - in which we can help the person with dementia feel valued and good about themselves.

Our staff teams work to enhance each service user’s quality of life, personal safety and mental and physical well being by working closely with other agencies, family members and the service user. They support service users to access community services, as well as a full range of social and leisure opportunities. This is achieved by providing a well planned, personalised service which is flexible and responsive to individual needs and preferences.

Our employees are skilled in memory reminiscence work and work sensitively with people to encourage conversational skills and to enable the person we are supporting to maintain their interests in life.

We ensure that our care and support workers are equipped with an understanding of person centred care for people with dementia so that they are able to respond to challenging situations in the most appropriate and supportive manner.